NASA Wants YOU to Help Track Space Junk With Your iPhone

Posted by on January 6th, 2012

Listen folks, let’s face facts. Space stuff is trying to get all up in our atmosphere all the time. Most of it burns up on the way in but some actually makes it to the surface of our precious Earth.

It would be really nice if we knew more about where it was coming from.

NASA would love to track all of it but they are busy setting up playlists for their new radio station don’t have the time.

Enter: you! Yes, amateur sky watcher you can help send valuable data to NASA and help track new meteor showers by downloading the new Meteor Counter app for iOS. You simply find a place likely to see some meteor action, lie down and use the intuitive interface to rate how bright each streak is. The time, date and location are immediately beamed back to NASA.

Pretty sweet, huh? Download the free app today.

[Meteor Counter App via Cult of Mac]

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