Donate Your DNA Now So Your Clone Can Colonize Space Tomorrow

Posted by on November 24th, 2010

We are nearly positive that this super creepy infomercial for the Synthetic Somatology program of Gemini Somatics is viral marketing for some upcoming video game / movie. Still, it’s pretty well done and represents a fun mystery for you, the readers of this fine blog.

Even if there isn’t a real program soliciting your DNA so you can be the Jango Fett to the Clone Troopers of the future, it’s a fun hypothetical to kick around. Would you do it?

Thanks to Weird Things reader Lisa for passing this along.

4 Responses to “Donate Your DNA Now So Your Clone Can Colonize Space Tomorrow”

  1. Commissarcasey Says:

    The new Deus Ex maybe?

  2. Mythrander Says:

    I smell a “Brave New World” prequel. Which would be interesting, except that it will suck.

  3. Erik Says:

    idk, but I signed up for the “clinical trials”. We’ll see what comes of it. If the 1% chance that it’s real actually pans out. I’M GONNA EXIST HUNDREDS OF YEARS FROM NOW SUCKAS.

  4. James Knight Says:

    I’m with you Erik! First time on the site via Twitter, love it! Awesome vid, and I also found a link on Twitter to this: Seems related, looks like they did an interview! Where do I sign up!? ^_^