Russian Bears Snacking on Corpses

Posted by on October 28th, 2010

Due to a harsh food shortage Russian bears have been unable to find enough of their traditional berries, mushrooms, frogs, and fish to keep them going. These hungry bears have taken matters into their own hands and turned to digging up and snacking on human corpses. In the village of Vezhnya Tchova near the Arctic Circle two women caught a ghoulish grave robbing bear mid-dinner.
“From a distance it resembled a rather large man in a fur coat, leaning tenderly over the grave of a loved one. But when the two women in the Russian village of Vezhnya Tchova came closer they realised there was a bear in the cemetery eating a body.”

This has happened before in the area and residents recounted tales of how one bear not only learned how to open coffins, but then proceeded to teach the others.

It is unknown at this point in time if the recent shortage of food is related to the invasion and ongoing war between bears and yetis.

[The Guardian via io9]

3 Responses to “Russian Bears Snacking on Corpses”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously, the undead have allied themselves with the Yeti in the Russian Bear/Yeti War, and the bears are striking back at the souless fiends. The alliance with the undead is a pretty bold move for the Yeti, but really it’s whichever side the Wood Goblins take in this conflict that will end up winning this war. Mark my words, the Wood Goblins will be the deciding factor in this war.

  2. ITninja Says:

    I believe that this may be the bears attempt at finding and resurrecting Rasputin in an effort to sway the tides of war against the Yeti. Any corpse eating is merely a byproduct of this search and the hunger created by digging up graves.

  3. Ryan Says:

    The fact that they thought it might be a dude shows just how big those Russians must be.