A Deep Dive into Space, Technology, and Woolly Mammoths

Posted by on March 8th, 2024

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In this episode, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young, and Brian Brushwood kick things off with a chat about SpaceX’s upcoming Starship launch and the company’s approach to failure as a step towards innovation. They delve into the history of space travel, highlighting the Space Shuttle’s design compromises and the importance of testing. The conversation shifts to Apple’s VR headset, with Brian sharing his mixed feelings about its practicality and Apple’s missed opportunity to create compelling content for spatial computing. The trio then explores the ambitious project of resurrecting woolly mammoths by Colossal Biosciences, discussing the scientific and ethical implications. Lastly, they touch upon the intriguing possibility of naturally occurring hydrogen production within Earth, which could revolutionize energy sources.


Andrew: Plasma Channel on YouTube

Brian: Dune Part Two

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[podcast]https://weirdthingspodcast.com/uploads/20240308211606_2024-03-08-Weird things_mixdown.mp3

https://weirdthingspodcast.com/uploads/20240308211606_2024-03-08-Weird things_mixdown.mp3

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