WT: The Weird Wars

Posted by on July 19th, 2022
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We talk about the first images released from the James Webb Space Telescope and some of the oddities you might have missed. Researchers think they’ve found a new mammal that farms, but the jury’s still out. 20 questions: why is a man suing Bass Pro Shops? Rounded out with some interesting DALL-E ideas: what does DALL-E think a Tesla vacuum or fridge would look like? Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line “Weird Things.”

LINK: Mike Hassaballa “DALLĀ·E 2 Imagines Tesla Household Products” https://medium.datadriveninvestor.com/dall-e-2-imagines-tesla-household-products-df2fae7254df

No After Things this week!


Brian: The Bob’s Burgers Movie and The Old Man

Bryce: Bad Sport – “Need for Weed”

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