Podcast: Grand Theft Ghoul

Posted by on September 14th, 2014

Skitched 20110225 175343Andrew and Justin discuss the curious case of\Ghost Robber. Debate the likelihood of the new iPhones ushering in an era of Apple Virtual Reality. Andrew admits he’s looking forward to writing on his new Apple Watch. The boys look forward to the release of Andrew’s book Angel Killer on September 23rd.

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One Response to “Podcast: Grand Theft Ghoul”

  1. Ashley T. Says:

    Re: Justin’s pick. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, but nearly fell off the cardio machine when I heard Justin’s pick. I actually live across the street from Mr. Coleman here in Maine and had a bigfoot encounter with the life size statue he kept on his front porch. Bigfoot has since moved to the International Cryptozoology Museum on Congress Street in Portland, but I still peep in his windows just to see if there’s anything else interesting going on.