Artist Paints 1000s of Pictures with his Tongue!

Posted by on March 3rd, 2014

An artist in India has produced over 1,000 paintings. While other ‘fancy’ artists around the world all seem to rely on that simple and outdated tool called the brush, this particular artist is getting back to basics by painting with his tongue.

And before you watch the video, you’ll probably laugh and conjure up images of child-like paintings like a square house, smiling stick figures holding hands and a few upside-down w-birds.

You’d be wrong.

He’s painted an 8-foot image of the Last Supper with his tongue.

The artist in question, Ani K, has also tried painting with his feet, nose and chin before he finally decided on his tongue as his utensil of choice. After completing a painting, he claims to suffer two weeks worth of pain in his jaw, headaches and blurriness of vision.

Ani is also on a mission to paint his way into the Guiness Book of World Records…

By painting four individual paintings at the same time using both hands and both feet.

Should be easy for a guy that once painted while riding a bike.

But still not as creepy as another artist we’ve posted about who used his own blood.

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