Jamie Oliver Asked By Producers to Help With Show on How to Cook Human Flesh!!

Posted by on January 7th, 2014

2013 has come and gone. “Bath Salt Zombies” had their time. Krokodil has already peaked and is on its way out.

What’s the new weird trend? Cannibalism.

Cannibalism is becoming the latest weird ‘it’ thing. There are currently several court cases in process concerning cannibalism. The modern equivalent of an online farmer’s market of people looking to eat other people has also surfaced in the process.

But the most telling sign that cannibalism has hit its stride toward knocking zombies from their golden time in the media? That Jamie Oliver has apparently been asked by producers to do a cooking show that deals with preparing a meal using human flesh.

Blink. Your eyes will dry out if you don’t.

In an attempt to grab ratings by creating a shock factor of a show, producers out there have suggested that a show about cooking human flesh should absolutely be headed up by the very same guy that stormed out across the world on a campaign to get kids to eat healthy. Oliver has turned down the idea of a show based on smoking your neighbor.

Even though he said “No”, his reply to reporters about the situation was almost as shocking as the idea of the show itself. Oliver’s reply:

“I know exactly what human meat tastes like. Pork. It tastes exactly like pork.”


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