Dog Poop Transmitter Used By Millitary in Vietnam!

Posted by on January 27th, 2014

You’re walking with your buddy in the woods and one of you steps in what you thought was a dog mine only it cracks instead of squishes.

During the Vietnam War, what looked like dog dookie could possibly be an Air Force homing beacon in disguise…like a sad Transformer toy no one’s going to ever want to play with…ever. Officially called the T1151 Dog Doo Transmitter, this T1000 version of your standard dog dropping would relay movement of supply vehicles during the night and even transmit and receive morse code messages.

According to someone who actually worked on the project, these nuggets of espionage were customized to resemble the fecal matter of local animals so…you know…they wouldn’t stand out in an area full of non-local dog spam.

We’re betting there could be enough material for a book from all the prank-pulling that took place with these things.


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