Snakes Latest Massage Craze in Jakarta

Posted by on November 1st, 2013

There’s going to come a point when we’ve just run about used every animal to give human beings massages and facials. That day’s not here yet but by the time we get news that an irate army of fire ants is being used to relax people in a spa in some tiny, remote country we’re probably just going to shrug out an, “Eh.”

Currently a spa in Indonesia is using many peoples’ nightmarish cuddle-buddy to relax them. “Relax” would be the wrong word to use in this case. The theory is that adrenaline, which is triggered by the fear of having a giant python crawling across your naked body, and the snake’s movement, are supposed to be good for your skin.

Fearing for your life sounds exactly like the opposite of the whole idea behind visiting a spa.

[Weather Channel’s YouTube]

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  1. Boogeyman Says:

    “Watch as she takes her pleasure from the serpent.” NO ONE wrote that as a comment yet?!