Podcast: Please Trust Andrew Mayne

Posted by on October 29th, 2013

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A secret revealed! Why was Andrew Mayne missing for six months this summer? He was shooting his own series on A&E entitled Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne premiering this January. We get the details on what to expect and do a little touchdown dance. Also, breaking news about the Yeti! Also, we explain the internet to someone 150 years ago.

It’s all part of a new Weird Things podcast.

Get all the latest details on Andrew’s new show Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne coming this January to A&E, like the official Facebook page.

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One Response to “Podcast: Please Trust Andrew Mayne”

  1. OnlyOnce Says:

    Grats on the show, can’t wait to see it. That iphone comment was a shocker and is almost right. The biggest store in london is 28,000 square feet and if we assume 12 ft. high that would be about 144 million iphones so you could fit all iphones ever sold (421 million) in about 3 (of the largest) iphone stores. Still seems like it should take up more space, considering that if we used golf balls to represent stars in our galaxy we could stack them in the area of a football field a mile high…