Being Buried in a Bacon Coffin is a Thing Now!

Posted by on August 25th, 2013

How much do you love bacon? Enough to be eternally wrapped inside of a bacon coffin that smells like bacon?

Well if you want to really tweak friends and family out when you leave or just make people shake their heads at you one last time you can purchase a coffin with a bacon paint job. The crew over at the ‘Everything Should Taste Like Bacon’ blog have created just that and you can snag one from their site for about $3000.

“This genuine bacon casket is made of 18 Gauge Gasketed Steel with Premium Bacon Exterior/Interior, and includes a Memorial and Record Tube, Adjustable Bed and Mattress and Stationary and Swingbar handles. It also includes a bacon air freshener for when you get that buried-underground, not-so-fresh feeling. “

You might want to toss in a little extra for multiple air fresheners.

[Everything Should Taste Like Bacon]

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