Amateur Photographer Claims to Have Captured UFO in Photo!

Posted by on June 12th, 2013

In a case of ‘this is why we can’t take you seriously’, an amateur photographer snapped a couple photos of something that’s currently got the UFO and ‘rod community’ (leave jokes below…we know they’re coming) buzzing. And by buzzing we mean they’re all getting excited by a picture of what’s probably a photo-bombing bug moving across the frame of 43-year-old Corrine Federer’s camera while she was shooting photos of a castle in Amsterdam.

Federer stated that, “It was a tubular-shaped object that had an S-shaped fin on it. If it had been any type of missile, it would’ve had mulptiple fins, but facing the same direction. We heard nothing. It was completely quiet out. The more I flipped through the frames, it was kind of creepy.”

Many people are speculating that it’s a photo of a missile test, airplane or weather balloon.

Federer believes that it could be something more…

“I don’t find it unreasonable that there’s another habitable planet somewhere that has started exploring space. Maybe they’re more advanced than we are and they’ve come by to see what’s going on here.”

While some of us are pointing and giggling at the alleged UFO, many are pointing with serious there’s-all-the-proof-you-need-faces.

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One Response to “Amateur Photographer Claims to Have Captured UFO in Photo!”

  1. Michael Corley Says:

    Wow! The fact that it could be literally ANYTHING proves it’s a UFO!