Budweiser Cup Allows Drunken, Awkward Friend Requests via ‘Clinking’

Posted by on May 3rd, 2013

Someone at Budweiser had apparently just read about Virgin America’s in-cabin, passenger-to-passenger texting service, knocked back a couple bottles and decided that the giant beer-hive should also get in on the act of making social interaction among drunken stalkers and their prey even more uncomfortable.

Using a ‘Buddy Cup’, you scan the cup with your phone, link your Facebook profile to the chip embedded in the bottom of the cup and then, magically, every time you clink cups with someone else who’s gone through the process, you become ‘friends’ on everyone’s favorite social hive.

Buddy Cup! Because there’s nothing like becoming friends with all the people involved in a lot of bad decision-making from the night before.

[BudBrasilOficial YouTube]

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