Podcast: My Own Private Vigilante Botnet

Posted by on April 7th, 2013

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Brian and Justin are brought to the gates of a mysterious cavern. Is it the literal gate to hell? How far would Andrew go for science? We discover the horrifying outer limits. What would you do with your own vigilante botnet?

It’s all part of a new Weird Things podcast.

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3 Responses to “Podcast: My Own Private Vigilante Botnet”

  1. Brad Says:

    Your story idea about the AI botnet doing keyword scanning and launching attacks (and much more) already exists – Daemon, which is awesome, and Freedom(tm), which is good but gets kinda preachy, by Daniel Suarez.

  2. Jaye Sunsurn Says:

    Rule 34 Charles Stross; is also a variant of the AI that seeks out people related to a subject and attacking each person in interesting strange methods. A little more sci-fi and due to the reference to ‘Rule 34: If You Can Think Of It… There Is Porn Of It’ at times quite perverse, but entertainingly so.

  3. Gregory Muir Says:

    I came here just to post what you two already have. 🙂

    Rule 34 is experimental and revealing the AI is real spoilerific territory whereas murderous botnet is the back of the book blurb for Daemon. I like Stross a lot but Daemon is a far better execution of the concept. It sounds like its just going to be a stupid police procedural with a twist, Law and Order retread. But it moves so far beyond that simple premise it’s not even funny, just awesome. The writer really pushes your suspension of disbelief and you keep thinking no, something like this couldn’t happen but like Stephen King, your man brain scoffs and your monkey brain believes.