Podcast: Resssscue Rangers

Posted by on August 30th, 2012

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A man attempts to smuggle a mysterious creature on an airplane, before the the cops uncover his terrifying secret. A Playboy playmate is busted for moving some serious weight south of the border. A Kickstarter involving a favorite Weird Things topic is debated by Brian and Andrew. A murderous beast stalks in a public Los Angeles park. We offend all of the British Empire.

Also, a brand new insurance policy against danger that’s sssssssssssssssssure to please.

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3 Responses to “Podcast: Resssscue Rangers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Some have said there is evidence of space elevators being proposed as far back as 1895. There have been a few articles lately about the benefits of a Lunar Elevator over an Earth based one.

    Imagine the security procedures needed for such a construction.

  2. Stuart Beresford Says:

    The “Lion” turned out to be a 3 foot long American Longhair housecat. That said we have a long history of sightings of “large cats” over the years. I think the theory behind them follows the same as the wild wallabies we have over here. During the war it became too hard to keep them fed, so they were released into the wild.

    The wallabies are still there, I took a photo of one years ago on a school trip (and not one of those blurry wtf is it kind of pictures either :P). I guess people think some predatory cats were released about the same time, and survive to this day. That said with all the media attention over here on big wild cats, if anyone does see something weird in a field, instead of going to chupacabra, or the New Jersey beast, they go to panther or lion.

  3. Robin Abele Says:

    There’s also a panther in San Diego that came up from Mexico. It’s allegedly mating with mountain lions.