Squid Impregnates Woman’s Mouth!

Posted by on June 18th, 2012

Where do you begin this.

Let’s get some science stuff out of the way first.

Spermatophores. Your brain’s already spinning with possibilites because of the word ‘sperm’. Spermatophores are like little cups of sperm complete with a timer device built-in. Sperm-bombs. It’s how squids do their biz and propagate.

Here’s what sounds like the start of a lame joke and ends in a fairly disgusting punchline that I’ll ruin with the next sentence: A 63-year-old South Korean woman walks into a bar and orders Calamari.

A couple of you are WAY ahead of the story by now.

While enjoying her plate of calamari the woman reported feeling a painful “pricking, foreign-body sensation in her tongue, cheek and gums.”

In Korea, calamari is parboiled in certain places which means that, unlike here in the non-sperm-exploding-in-your-mouth dining experience we prefer, the organs are all still intact.

Doctors removed all the spermatophores from the woman’s mouth.

She’ll be fine…until the squid/human babies are born.


2 Responses to “Squid Impregnates Woman’s Mouth!”

  1. mxyzptlk Says:

    This is how Squidbillies are made.

  2. Michael Corley Says:

    To be clear it didn’t impregnate her.  Wait… was this Prometheus?  All bets are off!