Robot Doctor Comforts You Until Your Last Breath in Creepy Art Installation

Posted by on June 11th, 2012

You’ve had a long life. It’s time to check out. It’s a peaceful time and you know it’s about to come to a quiet conclusion. Everything’s cool and right. You hear a calming voice, “Don’t be afraid. I am here to comfort you.” You sigh.

“I am sorry your family and friends can not be here for you right now.”

The voice sounds synthetic. No one’s here? Who’s caressing my arm? Your eyes snap open. Then nothing.

Creepy? Seriously creepy.

Created by artist Dan Chen as part of an installation called ‘Last Moment Hospitable’, the ‘Last Moment Robot’ was inspired by Paro – a robotic seal used to comfort people suffering from Dementia. Chen’s goal was to test the idea of replacing human intimacy on an extreme level.

A “doctor” greets the visitors where they’re guided to lie on a table where the robot’s squeaky padded arm begins caressing their outstretched arms.

The robot keeps caressing through its recorded script.

“Your family and friends love you very much. They will remember you after you are gone.”

The caressing continues quietly for several moments until the robot speaks again…

When it very calmly states your time of death.

[Design Taxi]

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