Hell Gets a Theme Park!

Posted by on June 12th, 2012

Theme park.

Fun, right? You probably just flash-backed to some awesome memories of going to a theme park with friends and family and having a really good time. You might start humming ‘It’s a Small World’.

Well knock it off. There’s a theme park in this world that is meant to smack those happy memories out of your brain, remind you you’re a sinner and take you into the darkest corners of the world and THAT’S where we’re going…not some pastel-colored, Laughing Place.

We’re going to Wang Saen Suk Gardens where, instead of the smiling face of a familiar and friendly cartoon mouse, there’s the park entrance sign which simply reads:

“Welcome To Hell.”

Here comes the fun-suck, kids.

Wang Saen Suk Gardens in Bangkok, Thailand has a theme not really touched on much here in the states…the theme of Buddhism’s version of hell.

Amongst the statuary on display in the gardens are a plethora of sinners in various states of torture including a guy having his man-parts tugged on by ravenous dogs. Sounds like the perfect family outing, doesn’t it?

If you quietly and sarcastically said, “Not really”, then you’d be surprised to find that this themed destination, while not as smile-inducing as finding out you’re going to Walt Disney World, is quite popular amongst families who take their children there to scare them into complying with the culture’s moral code.

If any of you fine people go? We totally want a sippy cup and a fridge magnet.



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