Have You Seen This Führer? Hitler’s Possible Disguises Revealed

Posted by on April 25th, 2012
bald hitler.jpg

You are the United States military. Your intelligence unit is preparing to capture the most notorious war criminal in the history of modern civilization. But Adolf Hitler’s infamous, iconic, look could also lead to tremendous confusion should he hope to go into hiding by altering it.

How do you prepare?

One way is to have a New York make-up artist create various portraits of Hitler with drastically different “looks”. This way, soldiers would be prepared for any disguised ol’ AH threw at them.

Above, we have the “Jesse Ventura”. Below, the “John Waters”.

The photos have been released in the larger resolution formats by the U.S. National Archives. A few more can be found at The Blaze link.

[The Blaze] via Ken Cowen

glasses pencil thin mustache hitler.jpg

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