New Evidence: Hitler had Secret Love Child, was a Deadbeat Dad

Posted by on February 17th, 2012

hitler secret love child.jpg

Not that Adolf Hitler is really hurting for further reasons to categorize him as a first-class jerk, but we can add one more log to the fire.

Adolf Hitler was a deadbeat dad.

At least that’s what new evidence suggests. As an idealistic young soldier in France during World War I, Hitler befriended a 16-year-old farm girl named Charlotte Lobjoie. One night, after getting a little liquored up, Ol’ Adolf blitzkrieg’d young Charlotte and nine months later Jean-Marie Loret was born.

That baby went on to join the French resistance in their struggle against the Nazi menace. Loret’s claim of being fathered by Hitler is not new. He spelled out his case in a 1981 memoir, which was long thought to be discredited.

Until now.

The new evidence — which includes handwriting analysis, documents indicating Hitler secretly supported the woman financially and paintings signed “Adolf Hitler” discovered in her home — is outlined by Le Point magazine, whose report Friday was widely picked up in the French media but largely ignored by German news outlets.

So why would someone’s estate work so hard to prove they are the only biological descendant of the most reviled dictator in modern history? Mein Royalties!

Cash collected for Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf could be collected by Loret’s children.

Or… you know… Hitler’s grandkids.


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