Why You Should Be Excited For The Watchmen Prequels, Every Dumb Prequel [Opinion]

Posted by on December 3rd, 2011


Prequels to the Watchmen comics/graphic novels, which were confirmed this week with rumors that lend credibility to previous rumors (or something), will probably happen. And any fan of the Watchmen should be excited about it. Or at least, not immediately scream from the highest tower that it’s an abomination.

This is not a ringing endorsement that I think they’ll be good. The Watchmen is/was Alan Moore. It’s a masterwork amongst a legendary career. The book stands as a common inspirational thread for so many brilliant creators of popular books, television and film. It’s not good for a comic book, it’s so good you wish your other favorite books had pictures.

But Moore is not involved. It is logical to assume that is bad.

So why should you be excited, knowing it’ll probably not be in the same quality universe as the source material?

Because statistically, maybe it will. And we will never know if that’s true unless we, as a genre fan base, encourage people/companies/artists to try.


This goes for every sequel, prequel, special edition and remake. Sure, they will probably suck, but usually the existence of the new project does not completely erase the existence of the original property you know and love.

Consider each project a lottery ticket, the vast majority will be a bust. But maybe… just maybe we hit the numbers exact and get another amazing fan experience in a universe we already know and love.

On a personal note, hating is easy. It takes very little effort to poop on everything and then come back and join the party when something is proven out. Believing takes courage. Hope is fun. Don’t be the frowny-faced coward who sneers when something fails. Be the pioneer who is rewarded on the front lines when a project is better than everyone thinks it would be.

3 Responses to “Why You Should Be Excited For The Watchmen Prequels, Every Dumb Prequel [Opinion]”

  1. Seth Hanisek Says:

    Hear f-ing hear.

  2. Sara Bose Says:

    I am to a great extent impressed with the article I have just read interesting very good…

  3. Jack of all Says:

    Considering how far off the deep end Alan Moore has (publicly) gone, it might be better that he’s not working on it.  There’s plenty of potential, though I wonder what it’ll focus on.  Here’s to it being successful.