Rogue Owl Theory Gains Convicted Murder New Trial

Posted by on December 19th, 2011

A man convicted of his wife’s murder will get a new trial for two reasons.

1) It has come to light that the, since fired, State Bureau of Investigation agent in charge of his investigation mishandled evidence in several of his cases.

2) A new theory, backed by several experts, that a rogue owl got into the house and triggered the wife’s fatal fall down the stairs.

A successful author, Michael Peterson was first convicted of his wife’s murder in 2003. The new owl theory hinges on a feather found at the scene of the crime and injuries to the head of the victim which specialists from the Smithsonian Institute say are consistent with what would occur if an owl was tangled in her hair.

The case, sans owl theory, was dramatized in the 2007 Lifetime Original Movie “The Staircase Murders” starring Treat Williams.


One Response to “Rogue Owl Theory Gains Convicted Murder New Trial”

  1. Manus Ferrea Says:

    I had an owl in my store once, back when I managed an Egghead Software store in Pasadena (1995). The owl did seem a bit rouge-ish, but he left after some convincing… A few hours later I discovered a Duke Nukem box was slashed open and the CD missing.  I fired an employee for theft; but I guess it could have been the owl, now that I think about it… I wonder if it was the same owll???