Amphibian With The Coolest Names Ever Bred In Captivity For First Time

Posted by on December 2nd, 2011

The Saint Louis Zoo has bred Ozark hellbenders in captivity for the first time. This is most definitely a worthwhile achievement and a step forward in retaining as much of Earth’s rich diversity as possible.

But if you thought Ozark hellbenders was a good name, check out this lizards nicknames…

Also known by the colloquial names of “snot otter” and “old lasagna sides,” the adult hellbender is one of the largest species of salamanders in North America, with its closest relatives being the giant salamanders of China and Japan, which can reach five feet in length.

OLD LASAGNA SIDES! That is a name! Of a lizard! At some point in the Ozarks, someone said to someone else “Hey, did you see Old Lasagna Sides running up the river bank?”

I can’t get over this.

[Science Daily]

6 Responses to “Amphibian With The Coolest Names Ever Bred In Captivity For First Time”

  1. Jeremy Lusk Says:

    Wow. I’ve lived in Arkansas nearly my whole life… why has nobody thought to call a local sports team the Ozark Hellbenders? THIS MUST BE FIXED NOW!

  2. Richarddouglasmoore Says:

    We’re real pasta heads here in the Ozarks JRY. We’ve got your spaghetti worms, your rigatoni beetles, and of course the lasagna sided hellbender.
    (these things look even stranger face to face).

  3. Joseph Says:

    Call me Mr Well-Actually all you want. However, the Hellbender is an amphibian, not a lizard.

  4. Sheryl Says:

    You beat me to it, not a lizard.

  5. JustinRYoung Says:

    Sorry folks, corrected.

  6. JustinRYoung Says: