Helen Mirren as Doctor Who HELL YES [FACT]

Posted by on December 22nd, 2011

So some mouth-breather on this site decided to pour cold water on the idea of Helen Mirren playing Doctor Who. We’ll forget that this person up until recently called the Doctor “Dr. Who” and stick to the facts.

“It’s a gimmick”
Yes? And the problem is? If anything, this series needs, besides, actual better writing, is some fresh ideas and a new approach. Writing for Mirren could provide just that.

“It’s an unnecessary complication for an already too complicated premise”
What’s complicated about a Time Lord changing into a woman? This is nowhere near as big of a complication as time travel. Partly because it’s, you know, real. People switching genders is so old hat, it hardly counts as science fiction.

“It’s a young role”
Let’s get past the ageist and sexist comment and look at exhibit A .

3 Responses to “Helen Mirren as Doctor Who HELL YES [FACT]”

  1. Erik Maier Says:

    I think that “mouth breather” might be the greatest insult of all time… And for some reason seems especially fitting when used toward a man like Justin.

    Point: Andrew. 

  2. Cameron Says:

    “It’s a young role”Uh, William Hartnell anyone? Anyway, I could totally get behind this Doctor.

  3. JustinRYoung Says:

    My point was it’s a young role in the modern incarnation