Behold! The Universal Guide to Sex Faces

Posted by on December 28th, 2011

A Spanish researcher has released the results of a study seeking to codify the faces made during sex. 100 volunteers recording their mugs during some kind of sexual event which ended in completion. The faces were reviewed for similarities amongst each other in an effort match them to the Facial Action Coding System, a database for human facial movements. The video above, although unrelated to this study, shows some of the Action Units from FACS.

But according to the study, here are the faces you see whilst on the job…

• AU42 (slit eyes)
• AU43 (closed eyes)

• AU4 (frown/brow lower)
• AU6 (cheek raise)

• AU10 (upper lip raise)
• AU12 (lip corner pull)
• AU25 (lips part)
• AU26 (jaw drop)
• AU27 (mouth stretch)

• AU 29 or 30 (jaw thrust, or jaw sideways)

Or as we’ve nicknamed them…

• AU42 (The Newborn Puppy)
• AU43 (The See No Evil)

• AU4 (The I’ve Made A Horrible Mistake)
• AU6 (The Alvin also known as The Simon or Theodore)

• AU10 (The 1%)
• AU12 (The Fish Hook)
• AU25 (The Shy Librarian)
• AU26 (The Hangman’s Daughter)
• AU27 (The Fly Catcher)

• AU 29 or 30 (The Mr. Hyde)

Read about the rest of the study as well as some important questions at the link below.

[Improbable Research]

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