And Now, a 1982 Book Written by a Woman Claiming to Be from Venus

Posted by on December 27th, 2011


Her name is Vivenus.

She is from Venus.

She looks human.

She wrote a book in 1982.

She plays guitar.

And all she wants you to do is open your heart and experience love an joy instead of letting word police clip your wings. Also, she wouldn’t mind if you purchased her book, which is now repurposed for Kindle.

Here is a snippet…

“Before I came to the Earth plane, when I was at home on Venus, I had a vision of all of you. I felt that the Earth would welcome – if not me – then the truths I would discover to help them find the peace and inner contentment, independent of what happens on the outside. But now I know my vision was a mirage. The Earth seems satisfied to resign itself to depression, despair, and dead ends. Does this planet Earth need me from Venus? Did it ever need me? I still don’t know.”

Vivenus: Starchild will cost you $4.95.

[Amazon via UFO Digest]

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