Ghost Trains Bust German Thieves

Posted by on November 29th, 2011

What’s that? The muffled whisper in the cool British night?

If you are a metal thief, ripping apart a track so you can sell the scrap for drug money, it’s the sound of justice.

Police are employing “ghost trains” rail cars with the lights dimmed and engine muffled in the dead of night to catch the brigands using infrared technology.

They employ thermal-imaging equipment with a range of 440 yards to scour the sides of the track for criminals, and use torches to inspect cables running above the train for evidence of damage or theft.

The officers are also poised to trigger powerful lamps mounted alongside cameras on the front of the train, positioned to record any suspicious activity ahead.

Still more, authorities have installed motion sensitive cameras in unsuspecting rocks which broadcast live images to the trains so they know where crime needs to be stymied.

[Daily Mail]

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