Do Aliens Surf The Internet?

Posted by on November 3rd, 2011

They’ve travelled from far off destinations, they abduct and return specimens to their natural habitat and can out maneuver our best aircraft.

But… do they have wifi?

When you think about it, if we believe everything that comes along with aliens observing us from our own skies in whisper quiet craft why wouldn’t they be surfing the internet? It would only stand to reason. This is the theory of Diane Tessman writing for Conspiracy Journal:

The aliens can no doubt hack into personal “e” communications, too, and see the light and dark aspects of we common folk. They can read how much we value special friendships, how much we love our families, our dogs and our cats, how much we worry about being able to provide for those we love, and so much more.

Tessman does allow for the caveat that aliens had computers in centuries past but have since jettisoned them after they became self-aware and tried to kill their fleshy masters.

[Conspiracy Journal]

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