Did We Just Find A Microchip In Napoleon’s Skull?

Posted by on October 21st, 2011


We might be on the verge or radically shifting the meaning of the term Napoleon complex from “small man who’s a really big jerk” to “person in afflicted by an alien microchip in their head.”

Dr. Dubois made the amazing find while studying Napoleon’s exhumed skeleton on a $140,000 grant from the French government.

“I was hoping to learn whether he suffered from a pituitary disorder that contributed to his small stature,” he explained.

But instead the researcher found something far more extraordinary: “As I examined the interior of the skull, my hand brushed across a tiny protrusion.

“I then looked at the area under a magnifying glass – and was stunned to find that the object was some kind of super-advanced microchip.”

Even more shocking, Napoleon’s Skull has been added to the list of hardware which will be able to run Android’s Ice Cream Sandwhich OS.

[Weekly World News]

One Response to “Did We Just Find A Microchip In Napoleon’s Skull?”

  1. Brendan Best Says:

    That’s one of the common misconceptions. Napoleon was not a small man at all,  he was in fact above average height for the time period. A man of 5ft 7″ inches.
    It was the British that depicted him as a small man.