Make Anything You Want Appear Develop Inside An Instant Camera Picture

Posted by on August 16th, 2011

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A spectator signs a card. They’re given an undeveloped photograph to hold. The card is lost back in the deck. Before their astonished eyes they watch as the photograph develops into an image of a hand holding their signed card.

Photosynthesis is a powerful way to reveal a word, an image or a signed card.

Photosynthesis from Andrew Mayne on Vimeo.

No camera required. Comes complete with the Photosynthesis gimmick and a 24 minute instructional DVD including several routines.

Skitched 20110512 125600Photosynthesis is a utility prop you can use to make startling revelations. It looks like an ordinary undeveloped instant photograph but will reveal anything you like including words, cards, images and even signatures.

Photosynthesis gives you the magic of instant photography revelations without the need for film or an instant camera. Completely reusable, it’s heat activated and can be held in a spectator’s hands.

Get yours now for just $24.95.


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