How A Random Dude Became One Of The Most Successful Water Dowsers Of All Time

Posted by on August 26th, 2011

He attended James Randi’s talk at the 2008 edition of Dragon*Con as a regular guy. Yet, he left with a reputation as Zen The Dowser, having just turned in one of the most accurate public dowsing demonstrations under test conditions ever seen.

The video above tells his story, complete with video, of that event and some good information on water dowsing in general. Excellent stuff.

2 Responses to “How A Random Dude Became One Of The Most Successful Water Dowsers Of All Time”

  1. Dennis Owens Says:

    Back in 1996 I was in high school and the campus police officer pulled me out of school to tell me that they believed there was a gun in my trunk. He took me to my car and I opened the trunk for him to show him there was nothing in there. It turns out he was using one of these “high tech” divining rods that could sense the “vibrations” of molecules. Even after he found out that there was nothing in my trunk he pestered me and left believing that there must’ve been some gun powder in there at some point. He even told me that it was so sensitive that even after he wasn’t able to find marijuana in cars that it said there was marijuana in, he had gotten the students to admit there was marijuana in there at some point in the past.

    As the time I quickly forgot about it, after it happened. But in hindsight I’m furious that my school wasted that much money on hokum, and punished children for nonsense. 

  2. terri jones Says:

    These are the stories that must be told!