Referee Materializes Out Of Nowhere

Posted by on July 7th, 2011
This video from theĀ 2009 NHL Western Conference finals was just recently posted and even though there must be some explanation for what is going on here, I have yet to figure out how he did it. I am pretty sure this is why Chicago lost.


2 Responses to “Referee Materializes Out Of Nowhere”

  1. Commissarcasey Says:

    He’s standing in the upper left corner of the video at the beginning. If you look hard enough you can see him. You can also see Franzen being a dick if you look a lot less closely.

  2. EbonNebula Says:

    I think he just happened to be barely off camera for the overhead head shot(skated about 30 feet in 7 seconds, do the math), and was unintentionally obstructed by Kane and the other ref til he pops out. The trick is that when people skate, their trajectory shits a bit every time they kick off, so it’s harder to backtrace. If you keep looking directly above Kane’s right shoulder, you can see the magic ref’s helmet abruptly change directions to intervene.