Dead Man Comes Back To Life, Almost Shot For Being A Ghost

Posted by on July 26th, 2011

An 80-year-old South African man was reported dead by his family and taken to the morgue where the undertaker checked his vitals and verified the death. The body was then locked up in a morgue fridge for 21 hours when he suddenly woke up and started banging on the fridge door screaming to be let out. The morgue owner and employees first thoughts were “ghost” – even though everybody knows ghosts can just ooze right through walls. So they called the cops and once the cops came with guns, they bravely entered the morgue and luckily did not kill the man again.

The real kicker is how the morgue owner, Ayanda Maqolo, reacted to the poor old man screaming to freed. Especially after his employees seemed so sure it was a ghost:

“I couldn’t believe it!” Maqolo said. “I was also scared. But they are my employees and I had to show them I wasn’t scared, so I called the police.”

After police arrived, the group entered the morgue together.

“I was glad they had their firearms, in case something wanted to fight with us,” Maqolo said.



One Response to “Dead Man Comes Back To Life, Almost Shot For Being A Ghost”

  1. Dereckc1 Says:

    Really? Come on people. What good would the police with their sidearms be if it was a ghost wanting out of the inescapable refridgerator?
    Now if it was a zombie then I could understand wanting some firepower in front of me before going in there, but for a ghost?