Devil Worm Demands You Bow To Him

Posted by on June 2nd, 2011

That bad mother above is the DEVIL WORM. CUE MUSIC

It was once thought that life could not live more than a few dozen feet below the ground. Those non-believers are now proven to the be foolish mortals the DEVIL WORM always knew them to be. CUE MORE MUSIC

The new nematode species—called Halicephalobus mephisto partly for Mephistopheles, the demon of Faustian legend—suggests there’s a rich new biosphere beneath our feet.

Before the discovery of the newfound worm at depths of 2.2. miles (3.6 kilometers), nematodes were not known to live beyond dozens of feet (tens of meters) deep. Only microbes were known to occupy those depths—organisms that, it turns out, may be the food of the 0.5-millimeter-long worm.

Evidence has even be found the DEVIL WORM has existed for over 12,000 years! Bow you dogs! Bow to DEVIL WORM! CUE THE MOST METAL MUSIC EVAR

[National Geographic]

One Response to “Devil Worm Demands You Bow To Him”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Couldn’t see last vid on my iTouch 8-(

    (sorry, iPod Touch – I just like to call it an iTouch).

    Now I have to boot up a real computer at some point. >:-[

    Interesting article; but really, bowing down before a 0.5 mm worm at a depth of 3.6 km? I want to see it shoot lightning or something before I put my back and my ego through something like that. How about I start with intrigued respect and work up to worship once I see the mojo?

    OT/ Finished listening to ‘The Grendel’s Shadow’ as audio book. Enjoyed it very much. I’ve been off fiction for a long time but both the story and narration were most engaging. Interesting to have a sci-fi story, inside a period piece setting, inside a sci-fi universe.