The Morganza Snake

Posted by on May 17th, 2011

You know that flooding from the Mississippi and the spillways that they have been opening up? Yeah, people are claiming that some very large creatures are being displaced. This snake was photographed when the Morganza Spillway was opened up and is estimated to be 20 feet. Of course, the question on the table is real or fake?

A snapshot of what is being called the “Morganza Snake” has been making it’s rounds on Facebook causing an uproar as people argue whether it is “real” or “fake.” We have heard from all the city and government officials that with the opening of the Morganza Spillway, that we may see animals (snakes, gators, bears, deer, hogs) in places that we don’t normally see them as they seek higher ground from the water pouring into areas designated to relieve the swelling Mississippi.

[WAFB via Cryptomundo]

15 Responses to “The Morganza Snake”

  1. JustinRYoung Says:

     Dat’s one big snake!

  2. Chris Says:

     I believe your photos is of a king brown snake from Australia.

  3. eric Exodus Says:

    shit!! so huge~

  4. Karhax Says:

     Weird things live! Go catch that snake!

  5. Barry Tikkanen Says:

    It’s a king brown snake from branxton nsw australia.

    also  a nice write up here

  6. Robyn from Oz Says:

     Maybe a real snake from Australia; but perhaps not taken at Branxton.  Could even be clever advertising for a band that played there …

  7. Sweetbaby_girl35 Says:

    i think it fake because if it was real it would have been on channel 4 news or it have been all over the news about it …….

  8. Swampangel_420 Says:

    its a who dat snake!!!!!

  9. Piercelynblade Says:

    so big  

  10. Cowboyj_85 Says:


  11. Cowboyj85 Says:

    fake!  no snake that long gonna lift its head that high in travel,  a snake that big will be an ambush predator and will not lift his head like dat at all

  12. Dain Miller Says:

     Meh could be real.  Snakes are that big often.

  13. NA Says:

    I am not a snake person, so I do not know if it is real or fake.

  14. Cazcuz1 Says:

    lol this is a huge fake! xx

  15. Cazcuz1 Says:

    lol it is a big fake Chris, king brown never get that size, 3m long is the biggest, and no snake ever held its head like this.  It has been proven as a fake by wildlife experts lol x