Proof? New Bigfoot Video Proof From Washington State

Posted by on May 27th, 2011

As reported by KXLY in Spokane, WA. A woman going by the name Samantha caught the visual on her iPhone camera in Downriver Park.

On a scale from 1-10 with one being Total Fraud and 10 being Proof Positive, where do you rank the video above?

10 Responses to “Proof? New Bigfoot Video Proof From Washington State”

  1. Nick Flight Says:

    10 out of 10 for sure. Mindblowingly convincing.

  2. Gilophora Says:

    I’d say a 5-6 out of 10. there’s no clear scale, so it could have just been a person in unusual clothing running by. However, the people in the video don’t make a huge deal about, or even seem to notice, it. This makes me lean away from it being a hoax.

  3. JC_Birdman Says:

    I Phoney!!

  4. Matthew May Says:

    Obviously a guy running in  a hoodie.  But possibly Bigfoot in a hoodie.  4 out of 10

  5. Neil Dragovich Says:

    An object in a patch of bright sunlight only being a shadow in the shot? Has to be at least a 12 to someone out there. Seriously some people just don’t put enough effort out some days. sheesh

  6. Sjash726 Says:

    I would want to see the entire video so I could put this clip into context as well as seeing it un-stabilized before I made any decisions.

  7. Blah Says:

    Wow that was so convincing. Might actually deserve a 2 out of 10…

  8. Vacherie Boy Says:

    If you’re going to produce a fake, at least make the lighting on the “bigfoot” match the lighting that he ran through. I give it a 2

  9. Ludd Says:

    -90 Lucky for Bigfoot these hikers don’t have peripheral vision.

  10. Ludd Says:

    That’s because you are high.