Let’s Start A Osama Bin Laden Hoax!

Posted by on May 17th, 2011

3 Responses to “Let’s Start A Osama Bin Laden Hoax!”

  1. Manus Ferrea Says:

    okay… so we have a huge earthquake with radiation spilling into to the ocean and we then kill Bin Laden and bury him at sea…. Any one else see a problem with this???  I’m totally expecting “The Rise of 50 foot Bin Laden” to start attacking small villages on the northwest coast of Australia…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Luckily, the military has been working on a rail gun for just an situation.

    Unfortunately they’ll launch the fifty foot tall mutant-undead Bin Laden’s corpse into space, where he’ll become infected by a space virus and will return as a hundred foot tall alien-cyclopse-mutant-undead-ninja Bin Laden.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We could always link the ghost of Bin Laden to other Weird Things stories.
    The Michigan Batman was really climbing a building so he could fight Bin Laden’s ghost on the roof. While escaping that rooftop fight, Bin Laden’s ghost got into a brawl with the ghosts of the 36 slain Bigfoots. Seeking refuge from the Sasquatch onslaught, Bin Laden’s ghost dug, and tried to hide in, a mystery-hole in New Jersey. But the attention that the hole was getting made Bin Laden’s ghost decide it would be safer to transform into a freakishly long snake in Morganza. Snake-ghost-Bin Laden’s plan was foiled when Chris Brennan pointed out that he probably wasn’t real.
    Stay tuned to Weird Things for the further adventures of Bin Laden’s ghost.