Batman Busted Snooping Around Michigan

Posted by on May 17th, 2011

A man dressed up like the crime fighter was busted by police while hanging from the wall of a downtown business. No word yet what he was actually trying to accomplish.

In a release, the Petoskey Department of Public Safety said officers pulled the man back onto the roof and found a baton type striking weapon, a can of chemical irritant spray, and a pair of lead lined gloves.

The suspect, a Harbor Springs resident, was arrested for trespassing and possession of dangerous weapons.

I like to think he wears lead-lined gloves in case his buddy Superman needs help with any Kryptonite.

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One Response to “Batman Busted Snooping Around Michigan”

  1. john paterson Says:

     has anyone noticed that “batman” looks like a chubby, older version of JRY? is this who cracks time travel?