Ukranian Bigfoot Footage: Legit Or Hoax?

Posted by on March 31st, 2011

The publisher of this site, Andrew Mayne, once told me his take on the early films of action director John Woo. Sure, the fighting is insane and the plot is pretty hard nosed but since the film is subtitled, how does any English speaker know if the acting is any good?

Which is exactly how I feel about this Bigfoot video from the Ukraine. It’s almost note perfect as a horror film, which the heavy breathing and the fog drenched forrest. In fact, if this were shot in Gary, Indiana and not amongst the foothills of Eastern Europe the way we’d call shenanigans is the unnatural tone and content of the man behind the camera’s speech.

Since the speaker in this video is not conversing the King English (or if he is, he’s having a stroke) our natural BS detecter is blurred.

Is there anyone who can decipher what the man is saying? Does anyone buy this?

[Phantoms & Monsters]

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