UFO Buzzs Oslo Airport, Causes Delays

Posted by on March 30th, 2011

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A pilot got a very good glimpse at what are some are calling a UFO over Norway. What is known is that the airborne item flew at about 8,000 feet and caused delays at the Oslo International Airport last Thursday.

Here is the pilot’s description:

Suddenly, Captain Johan Kylborn discovered something unexpected in the air. “I am sure that it was some kind of aircraft. It had a clear wing profile, and was probably a glider, it may have been a hang glider or a microlight, but it’s hard to tell,” said the Captain.

According to UFO Casebook, a hang gliding expert was among those delayed. He claims it could not have been any kind of glider at that height. Air traffic control logs also have no record of any gliders or weather balloons in the area.

It’s rare you see a UFO description include the physical structure of the aircraft at close range. Normally, lights or movement are the key characteristics. As is currently the case in Colorado.

[UFO Casebook]

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