Can You Find A Pre-1990 Chupacabra Reference? You Just Won $250!

Posted by on March 30th, 2011

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We mentioned Benjamin Radford’s new book Tracking The Chupacabra both on the blog and in our YouTube series but now the man has put his money where his mouth is.

To briefly recap: Radford makes two major claims via his book research. First, the modern Chupacabra legend was born in 1995. Chiefly, the name Chupacabra and the description of it as a vampiric, reptilian creature. Second, it was likely inspired by 1995 action/thriller Species.

Although his second point might forever be up for debate, the first can be disproved pretty concretely if someone found the right evidence. So that’s why Radford has put up $250 of his own cash (plus a signed copy of the would-be invalidated book) if anyone can find him a published account of a creature named Chupacabra that bares a similar description from before 1990.

We aren’t quite sure he’s choosing 1990 as the line in the sand and not 1995. But, them’s the rules.

To the library!


[Tracking The Chupacabra on Amazon]

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