Scientists Test Electric “Thinking Cap”

Posted by on February 10th, 2011

Australian researchers claim that initial results of a “thinking cap” that promotes creativity by passing low levels of electricity through the brain has shown promising results. The thinking cap consists of two conductors fastened to the head by a rubber strap, and in tests it significantly boosted results in a simple arithmetic test. The researchers claim that three times as many people who wore the thinking cap were able to complete the test, compared to those who did not.

“The dream is that one day we may be able to stimulate the brain in a particular way to give you, just momentarily, an unfiltered view of the world,” Snyder said.


One Response to “Scientists Test Electric “Thinking Cap””

  1. Dereckc1 Says:

    just mementarily, an unfiltered view of the world. And then they would probably die.