Local News Investigates Chemtrails

Posted by on February 15th, 2011

CBS Atlanta has recently launched an investigation into whether the government is poisoning you with airplanes.  I am not going to spoil the answer for you; you are going to have to watch yourself. Tough questions indeed.

[io9 via The Occultist]

6 Responses to “Local News Investigates Chemtrails”

  1. Patrick Fisher Says:

    Just when the silliness had started to die down… For a TV station saying they are asking the hard questions.. They really did not ask the ones making the claims for any proof…

  2. GreyEarth Says:

    Must be another slow new week for mainstream media…

  3. WarrenPeace Says:

    “we looked for any other explanation and couldn’t find one” LOL

  4. jo elster Says:

    sorry, but only in America.

    But seriously thou, I get that having seen the US government lie about so many things like most of their wars, the concept of the American dream etc. that there might be some instilled skepticism towards most of the governments activities, but Chemtrails to stop global warming??? Why don’t these people use there energy towards stopping the real problems in the US instead of chasing ghosts and crackpot theories.

  5. Yith Pistol Says:

    The chemtrails conspiracy theory is so inane. It’s like the guy who came up with the notion (and it had to be a guy for a reason that will be evident) was a fan of G.I. Joe and thought that all bad guys were going to come up with ideas in the same vein as COBRA Command. What the hell does a government get for poisoning its own citizenry? It costs the government money when people are too sick to work, or spend money, or act productive in ANY way. Killing off a person is killing off tax revenue. It is ridiculous on so many levels!

  6. MrBlackJinx Says:

    aluminum related problems, crap thats the last time i drink coke from the can