Florida Man Finds Live Rocket, Carries It To Police Station

Posted by on February 10th, 2011

A man driving around Lake City discovered a military rocket on the side of the road and decided to bring it in to the local police station.

“Officers determined it was indeed a live, high-explosive military device. Explosives experts from Alachua County responded and identified the device as an M247 rocket with 2.3 pounds of composition B for the explosive.”

“Police also remind everyone not to approach any suspicious devices, and to call police immediately.”

Clearly, I am spending too much time indoors and need to get out and drive around this fine state more.


2 Responses to “Florida Man Finds Live Rocket, Carries It To Police Station”

  1. Devinmccullough1666 Says:

    I used to live in Lake City. I am not surprised at all by any of this. I think a certain local cult that believes Lake City will be the last place left on earth should be investigated… Just a thought…

  2. Robosnitz Says:

    I lived in Lake city for 6 years. I’m surprised the man didn’t try to launch it himself. Oh, and Devinmccullough1666, The cult is called the ‘End timers’.