The Man Who Took A Proton Beam To The Face And Lived

Posted by on January 11th, 2011

Meet Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski. He was a Russian scientist studying high energy physics when he accidentally stuck his face in the path of a proton beam being generated by a particle accelerator.

Reportedly, he saw a flash “brighter than a thousand suns”, but did not feel any pain.

The aftermath was even stranger. He’d received what was thought to be a a lethal dose of radiation and his face became swollen and began peeling. Everyone thought old Bugorski was a sure goner.

Except, he didn’t die. He lives to this day.

Aside from a loss of hearing and increased mental fatigue you’d have never known he took a FREAKING PROTON BEAM straight to the dome.


One Response to “The Man Who Took A Proton Beam To The Face And Lived”

  1. Dereckc1 Says:

    Ok, a guy gets hit in the head with a Proton Beam, and he’s not a superhero? WHAT! Alright, it’s official, you can never be a superhero!