Contact Lenses That Project Images Onto Your Eyes

Posted by on January 11th, 2011

“Researchers at the University of Washington have been working on extremely tiny and semi-transparent LEDs designed to be integrated into contact lenses. So far, they’ve managed to create red pixels and blue pixels, and when they can figure out green ones, they’ll be able to make full color displays.”

The downside is that since these contacts, and therefore the images, are below your eyelids you will still see the scary parts even when you close your eyes and hide under the covers. This will be a great new tool for deprogrammers and mind-washers everywhere.

[dvice via Geekologie]

4 Responses to “Contact Lenses That Project Images Onto Your Eyes”

  1. Dereckc1 Says:

    Awesome! Soon we will be able to watch videos on the bus without anyone looking over our shoulder!

  2. EbonNebula Says:

    Honestly, I’ve always had an irrational fear of contacts or putting anything else into my eyes. But if they were to put these out on the market, i would totally be waiting in line for a set

  3. Maria Awber Says:

    Its an amazing technology. Thanks for sharing this information. These Contact Lenses are just awesome.

  4. Anonymous Says:

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