New Lizard Species Discovered in Vietnamese Restaurants

Posted by on November 12th, 2010

A new all-female species of lizard (Leiolepis ngovantrii) that reproduces itself by cloning was discovered being served up in Vietnamese restaurants in the Mekong River delta. The first batch that was being saved for the scientists to review went missing when “Unfortunately, the owner wound up getting drunk, and grilled them all up for his patrons…” However, they checked other nearby restaurants and were able to gather about sixty specimens.

How awesome tasting are these lizard treats you ask?

“You take a bite out of it and it feels like something very old and dead in your mouth”

THAT awesome.


2 Responses to “New Lizard Species Discovered in Vietnamese Restaurants”

  1. EbonNebula Says:

    And to think, some people say cloning is unnatural. I bet they feel really stupid right about now.

    Wait a sec, isn’t the biggest problem with cloning is that any clone we make will always be the same metabolic age as the source critter? Since this thing seems to be a self sustaining population, that’s the solution. If we could crack that genetic code, we could finally have viable cloning technology. Who knows, maybe we could even stop human aging.

  2. ITninja Says:

    No, no! The biggest problem with cloning is the high relative percentage of EVIL clones.