Study: Oceans Won’t Singe Our Pathetic Earth With Vile Acid

Posted by on October 26th, 2010


According to our most recent studies, fears that we are the last generation to see coral reef due to the rising acidification of our waters is unfounded. This has been a fear raised by climate change studies which suggest CO2 concentration could jack up the pH balance of the seas and kill off marine life.

There is a whole ton of science on Matt Ridley’s awesome blog but here is the money shot:

In conclusion, claims of impending marine species extinctions driven by increases in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration do not appear to be founded in empirical reality, based on the experimental findings we have analyzed above.

We are safe! Hooray!

No word on if we can just affect the pH balance enough to create monster fish or open a crack in an Arizona lake releasing thousands of blood-thirsty piranhas, in 3D.

[Rational Optimist]

2 Responses to “Study: Oceans Won’t Singe Our Pathetic Earth With Vile Acid”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Considering your choice of picture, I would have suggested the pH balance might cause giant octopi to appear.

  2. Ubermoogle Says:

    Who says that isn’t a giant octopus with arms that mimic beautiful anime girls?