Real Photographic Proof Of The Walking Dead? [WeirdThingsTV]

Posted by on October 8th, 2010

3 Responses to “Real Photographic Proof Of The Walking Dead? [WeirdThingsTV]”

  1. Paula T Says:

    I find myself really looking forward to watching every one of these episodes!! You’re GREAT!! I love your Passionate way of Talking!! Very entertaining! Keep up the good work!! and YES I am personally Digging the Beard!! ( wink) Thumbs up!
    Big Fan in AZ Paula T

  2. CLusk Says:

    Beards are in. Though on a related note, this year’s no shave November has been canceled in lue of a no shave fall/winter. No sign up necessary, just stop shaving.

  3. Munkee Thirteen Says:

    Keep up the great work and I say shave the beard and go for a 20’s era handlebar stache complete with wax and curls.